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Statement on the outcome of the HPCSA inquiry into the conduct of Professor Tim Noakes (4/21/2017) - The Association for Dietetics in South Africa’s (ADSA) former president Ms Claire Julsing-Strydom submitted a complaint about Professor Tim Noakes to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) in 2014 on behalf of ADSA regarding, what it considered, unconventional infant nutrition advice. The complaint The complaint was lodged after Professor Noakes advised a mom … Read More
Is a Career as a Dietitian for You? (4/10/2017) - Dietetics, the field of nutrition, health and the application of science-based nutrition knowledge offers a variety of distinctive career opportunities that goes beyond the usual view of the dietitian as someone who simply helps others lose weight. If you have interests in health, food, healthy lifestyle and science, you may well find your niche in … Read More

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Melk Tart, a South African Classic (11/25/2016) - We love the sweet tooth satisfaction offered by this better-for-you twist on a classic South African dessert. Created by chef, Vanessa Marx, this Melk Tart recipe is a great family dessert. Dietitian Cheryl Meyer says that seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds are easily incorporated into a variety of dishes. They not only boost flavour and … Read More
CHICKEN SKEWERS, DIPS & SEED FLATBREAD (11/18/2016) - We love this recipe – it makes a delicious starter for summer entertaining. Making your own dips and marinade rather than using store-bought varieties gives you more control and means you know exactly which ingredients have gone into those dishes. Not only are the chickpeas in the hummus rich in slowly-digested starch and fibre, helping to … Read More

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