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MEET THE DIETITIAN: COMMUNITY SERVICE SERIES (1/18/2021) - By Nicoli Haasbroek “Trust the process!” No one would ever really know what a dietitian does until they are on the receiving end of our services. I remember another health professional saying to me that she never really knew what a dietitian does until her mother was hospitalised and treated by a. That is when … Read More
MEET THE DIETITIAN: COMMUNITY SERVICE SERIES (1/4/2021) - By Dur-e-nayab Burki As the name Solanum Lycopersicum is not commonly said, neither is mine. Hello everyone, my name is Dur-e-nayab Burki and like the word mentioned before, not everyone calls me by it, instead, they call me Nayab or Nabi for short as it is easy, the same way we call Solanum Lycopersicum a … Read More

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LOADED BAKED POTATO (12/3/2020) - Look at this wonderful recipe for loaded baked potatoes, from registered dietitian, Cheryl Meyer. Give this delicious recipe a try! We Love: That loaded baked potatoes are so easy to make. Both oven and airfryer methods provide beautifully crispy and flavourful on the outside, whilst soft and fluffy on the inside baked potatoes. What the … Read More
Blueberry Breakfast Bars (11/6/2020) - This month’s wonderful and nutritious Nutrition Confidence breakfast recipe was formulated by registered dietitian, Julie Perks. See how creatively Julie combined these ingredients for a delicious “on the run” breakfast but also an ideal snack. As much as I wanted to create a lovely crunchy breakfast bar, I kept making granola as nothing was sticking … Read More

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